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How to Build a Working Bibliography Page

hey everyone this is my professor wheeler in this tutorial I want to show you how to build a working bibliography as you start collecting sources so what I would recommend is going into your Google Drive going to drag out google.com and inside your essay for folder which will believe created by now select new and then Google Doc and title this your working bibliography okay a bibliography is just a list of all the bibliographic citations for all of your sources that you might use in your essay that word might is very important because you may collect ten sources but I don’t expect you to actually quote from all ten of those sources in your essay so title it working bibliography let’s make sure your formatting looks good title your actual paper working bibliography and then let’s make sure that our spacing is double spacing click enter and then left the line and we’re ready to start building our bibliography working day without being so I’ve been exploring around in the opposing viewpoints database and I’ve got an article here that I think might be a good might be good to use in my paper so I’ve saved it to my gale virtual reference library account I’m signed in I’m signed in up here with my Google account so I’ve saved it maybe I’ve made a few notes or highlighted a few things but I also want to go ahead and get the citation for it so I click citation tools by default that’s on MLA 7th edition which is correct so I’m just going to copy the citation here and paste it on my working bibliography document ok now obviously I might have to do a little bit of cleaning up on the formatting but that’s all I’m gonna do at this point so I want to go find another article I’ll show you what it looks like when I do it for another one so let’s choose another another academic journal there’s another one on here students creative clock drawers please let’s check it out again you can save it make notes annotate on it print save it just so I don’t lose it anywhere and then citation tools again notice I haven’t read this closely yet but I’m just collecting all I’m doing is just saying this one who looks based on my quick read of it based on the title based on you know my initial impression of it that it might be good in my paper and obviously as I go to write my paper and as I read these articles more closely I’m going to be whittling down my list you know I’m not going to use all ten maybe just four to six somewhere in there so copy go back to my working bibliography and paste so you would do this you would repeat the process until you’d have seven to ten potential sources that will be turned in for a grade in Google classroom just so that I can see that you have been researching and you are on track but let’s go ahead and clean up the formatting here so highlight all of your entries change the change the font size to whatever your your title is in fact I’m gonna make all this Times New Roman size 12 now notice that here’s an entry I’m sorry here’s one source and then here’s another source so to delineate one source from another we have to use the hanging indent format so that subsequent lines are tabbed over and so the way to do that is you highlight everything you pull your triangle over about ten spaces more or less right there and then just grab the top rectangle and pull it back and now we’ve given ourselves the hanging indent format you also want to organize sort your entries by author’s last name so b4 Bamford there is no author on this one so you just go off the first letters of student the s so B comes before s and so on and so forth you continue to paste all of your citations for potential sources when you’re done you turn it into Google classroom and I’d like to show you let’s see your working bibliography here we go working bibliography there’s an example of sample one and with a link to it in your master packet to click sample bibliography this is what a finished working bibliography looks like so it’s got the title it’s double-spaced all the entries are organized sorted by authors last name B the Z okay so that’s how you do your working bibliography save your sources and your Gale virtual reference library download them to your google drive folder make notes annotate print if you want and save the citations on your working bibliography document and then whenever the time comes when you’re actually writing your research paper and you get to the end of it and you need to build your works cited page and that means just the sources that you actually quoted or cited in your own paper all you have to do is take your working bibliography list here and delete the ones you didn’t use and now you’re done change the title from working bibliography to work cited and boom you’re good so all this is really intended to save you time in the long run it’s good to find these citation the bibliographic citations when you are in the middle of researching as opposed to having to go back and do it later just go ahead and copy and paste while you have the article pulled up and then you’re good to go

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